Hannover Messe Recap with President Obama and Chancellor Merkel


Hannover Messe Recap with President Obama and Chancellor Merkel

Friday, April 29, 2016
Experience key moments from this year's Hannover Messe in 360 degrees, featuring an introduction by Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker. Take a virtual tour of the U.S. Pavilion exhibit booths with President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
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I am thrilled to be here at Hannover Messe. President Obama has led a historic delegation—the largest delegation of American businesses, economic development organizations, and research institutions from the United States—here to demonstrate American ingenuity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The partnerships and relationships that have been made here this week at Hannover Messe are going to create all kinds of new products and ideas and partnerships that I’m very excited to see come to fruition. It’s very important that the United States and Germany work together. We have a long and strong history—very deep, great alliance—but it’s important at this time in history that we work together to lead, and that’s why being here at this fair is so important.

Good morning everybody! Welcome to the Hannover Messe. This is the biggest industrial fair in the world, right here in the heart of Germany. The United States of America is the partner nation and we’re waiting for President Obama and Chancellor Merkel to come. We’re going to open the Messe and then we’re going to walk around and visit all these incredible companies. I mean, right here we’ve got Google. It’s a great way to demonstrate the incredible relationship between German and American companies and the work that we do together, in terms of job creation and innovation and technology. So, welcome everybody—come to Hannover and have a great time. Thanks!

Madame Chancellor, welcome to the Ohio booth. As you know, Ohio is centrally located between Chicago and New York. We are a great advanced manufacturing state—we have 1200 manufacturers employing 700,000 Ohioans, 100 billion dollars of gross domestic product, and we have with us—Rick has brought a 3D printer that he would like to explain to you. Alright, Mr. President—made in Ohio, and I started the company in 2009 in my garage, my unheated Northeastern Ohio garage (it’s kind of like this Hannover weather) and basically we built a high-quality product and, you know, it’s used by students and businesses. Basically, you know, you’ve seen 3D printers before. So a lot of times, when you see a 3D printer you see that little red thing down there, a trinket, so what we did for this show was we brought a lot of examples of what our customers are actually doing—advanced, you know, stuff that’s usually made in production. This is a prosthetic hand, that’s a low cost, that was printed by high school students in Northeast Ohio Mayfield Innovation Center and we like that other examples, just of cool stuff that people are doing, kind of like Photoshop for things.

So to take a look inside, if you hold your hand in front of this you see your hand triggers a representative treat of it—like so. So, prep my hand in the virtual world and what you see is the 3D information detected by our camera and you can directly interact with virtual content by doing this. Thank you, Mr. President.

Hello, I’m Josh Earnest and I’m the White House Press Secretary. President Barack Obama has traveled here to Hannover, Germany to attend Hannover Messe, which is the world’s number one trade show for industrial innovation in technology. President Obama has traveled here to Germany with more than 350 American business leaders, including about 200 business leaders that represent small and medium-sized businesses. President Obama has dedicated his presidency to looking for more opportunities for American businesses to do more business around the world. The president said in his opening remarks at the ceremony yesterday that he is committed to making sure that the United States can do more business in Germany, more business in Europe, and more business around the world.

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