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Operational Excellence Logo

What Commerce Does:

Strengthen the Department's capacity to achieve its objectives, maximize return on program investments, and deliver quality, timely service.

  • Empower and engage Commerce employees
  • Support a customer service-oriented culture
  • Manage for results
  • Improve facilities, support services, and IT products and services

One of the greatest challenges facing the Department is the need for agency operations and service offerings to be responsive and nimble in adapting to the fast-changing needs of the 21st century U.S. private sector. Agility is a growing imperative for all federal agencies and will require exceptional change management over the life of this strategic plan. Moreover, if the Department is to successfully foster entrepreneurship, innovation, environmental responsibility, and data-driven decision-making in the U.S. economy, its internal operations must also embrace, support, and drive these conditions within the Department organization. To achieve agility and operationalize the goals, objectives, and values that underpin the plan, cultural, technological, and process transformations will be effected at the Department. 

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