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Welcome to the U.S. Department of Commerce's Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, one of the 13 federal agency offices under the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The Center works to promote impactful partnerships between businesses and community- and faith-based organizations focused on job creation and economic growth.

The Center also aims to provide resources, information and training opportunities - offered through Commerce’s 12 bureaus - to community- and faith-based organizations. This includes community-specific data, entrepreneurship trainings, business development opportunities, access to innovation centers, technical assistance and community development grant opportunities, among other things.

The Center does not make funding decisions, which are made through procedures established by each departmental grant program, typically involving a competitive process. All applicants compete on an equal basis for department funds.

“We know that ultimately our strength is grounded in our people -- individuals out there, striving, working, making things happen. It requires religious leaders who mobilize their congregations to rebuild neighborhoods,(it) requires civic organizations that can help train the unemployed.  It requires companies and CEOs to set an example by providing decent wages, and salaries, and benefits. We know that’s our strength -- our people, our communities, our businesses.”

President Barack Obama
December 4, 2013

Recent Events and Activities

Group photo at Catalyst Effect and DOJ event

Catalyst Effect (July 2016):   The Department of Commerce Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (DOC CFBNP) was invited by the Faith Based and Neighborhood Center at the Department of Justice Office to participate in a program with a non-profit partner, the Catalyst Effect. The DOC CFBNP Director and Summer Interns presented on the Center’s mission, the priorities of the office and took questions from the youth leadership group. 

CFBNP Director Jenkins at Hampton’s Minister Conference


Hampton’s Minister’s Conference (June 2016):  The DOC CFBNP was invited to participate on a panel entitled, “Moving Forward as Partners in Faith” at the 102nd Hampton University Ministers’ Conference.   DOC CFBNP Director Aaron Jenkins joined colleagues from the White House and various Centers to present on past success and ways to continue partnering with faith communities. 


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