Skills for Business

I have met with over 1,800 CEOs since becoming Commerce Secretary, and almost every one of them has said that the need for a steady supply of skilled, qualified workers to fill jobs throughout our economy is a key challenge for their companies. We cannot allow skills disparities to slow the growth of our businesses or limit the prosperity of our workers, families, and communities."  - Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, July 9, 2015

Between now and 2022, our dynamic private sector will have 2.2 million openings for production workers; half-a-million openings for engineers; and an untold number of openings in new, emerging occupations. To address this challenge, for the first time, the Department of Commerce has made skills and workforce development a priority.

Through our "Skills for Business" initiative, we are partnering across the federal government – with agencies like the Department of Labor and the Department of Education – to assure that our training programs meet the needs of industry, as well as prepare workers for the jobs of the 21st century.


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