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Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Logo
Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Logo

The devastating impacts of future extreme events, such as those witnessed across much of the United States during the latter half of December, can be reduced through improved readiness, which is why the Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) initiative is so important.

A Weather-Ready Nation takes well-informed communities, businesses and individuals that are ready, responsive and resilient to extreme events.

Key actions include:

  • Know your risk by discovering the weather risks where you live and closely following National Weather Service forecasts and warnings.
  • Take action by creating a family emergency plan and kit, and making sure you can receive emergency messages (e.g., NOAA Weather Radio, wireless emergency alerts).
  • Be an example by using social media to share important hazard information.

A Weather-Ready Nation is about building community resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather. This requires the participation and commitment of a vast nationwide network of partners including weather data providers, hospitals, construction companies, utilities, and others.

That’s why NOAA is looking for WRN Ambassadors.

WRN Ambassadors are change agents and leaders of their communities. They inspire others to be better informed and prepared – helping to minimize or even avoid the impacts of natural disasters. For more information about becoming an Ambassador, e-mail NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation team at in being a WRN Ambassador.

In partnership with other government agencies, researchers, and the private sector, the

National Weather Service is charting a path to a weather-ready nation through:

  • Improved precision of weather and water forecasts and effective communication of risk to local authorities; 
  • Improved weather decision support services with new initiatives such as the development of mobile-ready emergency response specialist teams;
  • Innovative science and technological solutions such as the nationwide implementation of Dual Pol radar technology, Integrated Water Resources Science and Services, and the Joint Polar Satellite System;
  • Strengthening joint partnerships to enhance community preparedness; 
  • Working with weather enterprise partners and the emergency management community to enhance safety and economic output and effectively manage environmental resources.

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